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It's me again, i did a minecraft grass block but i can't measure it so whatever,i think you can do so much in this game and i will keep it, very good work with the game


you know, i like games without THE GODDAMN WINZIP, i don't have it

(+1)(-3) opens .zip files without the need of any additional software since windows xp.... it's literally the most simple thing ever.

In case you can't figure out I recommend getting 7-zip, it's free and works great.


winrar is also very simple and free ,yes the trial says it ends but you can just close the window that says that, you can use it infinite times :)

(1 edit) (-3)

No reason why not to use 7zip instead, it's actually free and open source, plus it's objectively better.

It takes care of anything winrar does and then some.


Well im too lazy to change it now but thank you


I mean... it takes literally around 3 minutes to download and install (it's a very small download), but ok :P

Winrar works anyway.


it works great -.-


Oof be quiet XxLuceroxX

Files confuse me and i was paranoid about accidently deleting one and having to spend another hour redownloading them or something xD

I was about to make another comment saying I hecked up but jeez

I downloaded it and got a zipped folder. So I went to unzip it and its a bunch of files and such,none say which is used to play the game, tried to unzip them and it wouldnt put them where i said to unzip

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iam new hi

This is so funny.

Finally someone has done it, I've been wanting a game like this for years, now I can finally build without borders, it's fun to build his real projects but also to create new ones.

This game has potential to keep up the good work.

haven't played but friend has and he says it great


The game is very cool, fun and satisfying maybe i am not so good at it but here, i played a little and did a table 


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I'm as bad at virtual woodworking as I am in real life

Very good I hope you add more it was a bit finicky but very fun

I built the world's most beautiful birdhouse, all thanks to you! 

This was great fun to play! I mean my birdhouse turned out pretty awful but the process was hilarious haha! I struggled to rotate objects I picked up which  made it more difficult though. And some random background music would be good too. Keep  it up as this is really fun!

i loved the game! wondering if there are any future updates to the game!


why is it not downloading HELP ME!


Deleted 2 years ago

hyper bien J'adore !!

i have not played it yet

good game my like your game

Very great game with wonderful concept! I had to give up before I got very far with the birdhouse because the saw was too buggy. The line would turn blue and follow the edge of a template, but only halfway through the length. It would randomly change directions and cut into the wrong things. 

Downloaded to screw with the lathe. Was not disappointed.


I gave the game another go and decided to build a table. Things went well except that there's still some paranormal activity going on in the workshop :)

Can't wait for the future updates to see what are you guys gonna bring to us

now i can be a wood artist


Very relaxing game its very fun too to make you own wood things

Deleted 205 days ago

How you do that? 

Please tell

Deleted 205 days ago

As a professional woodworker and totally not someone who just randomly glues wood together and calls it art, I can say this is a fun and accurate simulated representation of the joys of working with wood!

Keep up the wood work, devs.

Part 2!

It took me a little time to get the controls, but I like how this game handles. Some parts need polish - no pun intended - but it's definitely a good foundation for what's to come and impressive for a prototype.

Ikea Simulator 2019

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YOOOOOO ive been an avid woodturner for years and I really wanted to make a game just like this, dang you beat me to it.

Im yet to thy it out, but it looks awesome

I love it, as a kid I always wanted to work with wood like "This Old Yankee Workshop" well NOW I can!  thanks!




Wow very awesome!

Woodworking has never been the same... Larry can't let it go...

That would be awesome in VR ;-) Any plans to bring this to a VR headset?


Verry nice and creative game.

Good job :)

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Really awesome game even tho it's still a prototype now. Had tons of fun putting together the bird house considering that i haven't read manual how to do so.

Camer could use a bit of updating in the future maybe, perhapse change to W,A,S,D to control the camera and control the tool with the mouse.

Can't wait for further updates! :) 

PS: i've played the game later off recording and i've noticed if you press X-Ray that the items will be marked, since i've said it in video it would be nice if they would be marked with 1,2,3,4 etc.


Yo, I just spent 2 hours on this. After the kinda unorthodox interface, it gets super fun! The tutorials definitely help, but there were a few tools where the keybindings didn't match up to what was actually happening. Awesome game, much fun, good job, proud of you

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I whish 32-bit wasnt a thing

Deleted 1 year ago

I wish that when ill buy new computer it will be 64 bit


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