A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to Woodwork Simulator, a new proof-of-concept demo from The Irregular Corporation.

Here at The Irregular Corporation, we’re always playing around with interesting and fun simulation ideas and we’re excited to share what we’ve been up to.

Woodwork Simulator is a free, open demo that showcases an initial set of hand tools and the ability to shape and build whatever you like. Saw yourself off a chunk of wood and chisel it into a masterpiece!

Woodwork Simulator gives you the tools to work with wood in remarkably realistic ways. Using a range of hand tools, you’ll be able to saw with accurate precision, chisel to the depth you desire, drill without restraint, plane wood to a smooth finish, or carve intricate designs on the lathe.

We offer 4 modes in the demo; a free build option to make whatever you please and 3x challenge modes to get you comfortable using the tools by recreating furniture to an existing template.

Being a prototype tech demo, please be aware that you may encounter bugs or other performance issues and the game does not represent final release quality.


  • Explore your creativity in free-build mode where the only limit is your imagination
  • Apply your woodworking prowess in our three challenge modes, building furniture items from existing templates
  • Saw, drill, chisel, plane, lathe, sand and glue with incredible precision
  • Add the finishing touches to your creations by applying wood oil and a range of paint colours


One of our aims in putting this demo into your hands early is to hear about what you like and what you don’t. 

Click the link below to find our feedback form where you can let us know your thoughts. 


Fancy sharing your creations with the world? Then use #woodworksim - we can't wait to see all of the awesome designs you make.

If you’d like to get in contact with us, drop us an update on any of the following platforms. You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.

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Wish this could be a full release? Click the Steam link above to show your support and Wishlist the game.


An overview of all of the controls can be found within the game’s menu. Similarly, on-screen prompts will guide you on how to use the tools.

For those curious ahead of time…

Movement and camera:

W, S, A, D                          Move forwards, backwards, left and right           
Mouse MovementLook around (left, right, up, down)

When using the tools:

Middle-mouse (hold)Pan camera                                                                               
Right-mouse  (hold)Rotate camera
Mouse scroll wheelZoom in and out
W, S, A, DRotate/tilt tool
SpaceReset a tool back to its starting rotation

Player actions:

Mouse Left-Click       Primary Action
Mouse Right-ClickSecondary Action
FCreate template (from any held piece of wood)
RX-ray mode, preview template inside wood
QQuick move, hold to drag wood around
CScreenshot (saved to ‘My Pictures’)
Left-ShiftFreehand, hold to disable tool assistance


Is this a free demo?

Yep, the demo is free to download. We’ve been having a great time playing around with the tools and are really looking forward to seeing what the Itch.io community can do.

  • I’ve just built the oak equivalent of the Mona Lisa, can I show off my own creation?

Incredible! Press the ‘C’ key during gameplay to take a snap of your designs (the image will be saved in your default MY PICTURES folder), or grab the camera that's in the workshop and snap that perfect pic.

Be sure to tag us in any posts and use #woodworksim – we’d love to see what people are making.

  • I love it! When will it become a full game?

Great question. We think this idea has legs and are considering ways we could expand it out into a full experience. Part of our desire to get this into people’s hands early is to find out how viable the core mechanics are and how much appetite there would be for a full game. If this is right up your alley, let us know!

You can even Wishlist the game on Steam already to register your interest.

  • Can I reach out with thoughts and suggestions for where this could go in the future?

Yes, absolutely. We’d love to hear feedback. You can follow this link to a short survey where we’re collecting ideas and thoughts from players.

  • What's the best way to discuss the game with others or report issues?

Please join us on Discord and head to the Woodwork section to chat with other players, or reach out to us directly.

  • What else is The Irregular Corporation up to? What other games do you have?

We are always working on a range of titles, both for PC and console. Here are the best ways to keep in touch.


OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or higher

Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD Athlon X4 740 (or equivalent)

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 (2048 MB) or Radeon R9 285 (2048 MB)

Integrated GPUs may work but are not supported.

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Storage: 1 GB available space

Sound Card: DirectX compatible

The Irregular Corporation
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
AuthorThe Irregular Corporation
Made withUnity
Tags3D, build, Creative, simulator, woodwork
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Community, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook
Mentionsitch.io Recommends: Essays, demos, and g...

Install instructions

  • Download the zipped game folder 
  • Unzip this file to your desired location
  • Once unzipped, run "WWS.exe"
  • Note, if prompted, you may need to grant permission to Windows in order to run the game


woodwork-simulator-prototype-windows.zip 369 MB
Version 0.0.7 Sep 03, 2019


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So, my dads been doing a lot of woodwork recently and I had the idea to make a simulator for it. Nothing more than an idea. I thought it was a good one though. Seems like you guys have it down. The game looks awesome! I'll definitely keep my eye's peeled for it whenever it releases. 

sadly they have no plans to continue this project

do you think you guys could add a few features please

• able to work on the computers and open documents we can type on, maybe type about woodwork stuff. put printed papers out in a folder, then envelope and sent it off

• have a small mail box in the wall we can put the envelopes through

• able to open the fireplace and put fire in it (i haven't been successful in trying to do that if you already can)

• able to drink tea or coffee on top of the fire heater (tried it but don't think you can)

 • add a coffee machine like what's in Coffee Please by Weasel. so, you need to put a filter, beans and water in it. remember you can't be tired a the work site so some coffee could help with that.

these are a few things i'd like since i know nothing about woodwork so i'd like to feel like i'm doing something yet nothing at the same time

ill try to make a rag-doll in-game and ill paint it red


steam store page is gone

I put the chisel on the shelves by the computer and it fell through the walls.

Please add a ruler.


This looks amazingly fun - could you make a feature which provides an output (a list) of materials you used, so you could turn around and build it in reality?

I'd love this game to prototype things and then build it in reality.


the team is no longer working on this game cause they suck at focusing


It's a amazing game, which I enjoy hugely. 

But a few things that would make the demo a little more enjoyable. 

  • My scroll to rotate doesn't work. 
  • A simple market system, or a way to get wood back after you've used some, I once made a table which used the 4 leg like pieces, and once those were gone I couldn't really make anything else of that scale, so a simple respawn mechanic could be a fun addition. 

Thank you! I know this is just a demo but these two things would make this 100% more enjoyable.

I like the whole idea.I want to see more.Keep up the good work

¿Hay alguna forma de que corra en Windows 7 de 32 bits?

um es mejor que no esperes uno bastante seguro de que este es solo un juego único, sin actualizaciones ni nuevas versiones. usando el traductor de Google, lo siento por la ortografía, no tengo idea de cuán preciso es esto

very good!! took hours and originally was gonna be a 4 leg table but things went bad and now it has 3  also made a one leg table my first time playing not very good. we need ways to measure as well as a way to make circles.


i struggles a bit with the camera while holding items (especially the glue, very finicky) but i had loads of fun!!! i made the lil birdhouse and lost a full hour just enjoying making it! looking forward to what you'll do next with it!

Mac build?

Deleted 2 years ago

Спроба зробити античний військовий корабель. ШАНОВНІ РОЗРОБНИКИ: у грі не вистачає інструменту для вимірювання (лінійки) та станку для розпилу на дошки потрібної товщини.

Trying to make an antique warship. DEAR DEVELOPERS: The game lacks a measuring tool (ruler) and a machine for sawing on boards of the required thickness.

good but I was playing an older version and couldn't use the lathe

I have been having a lot of fun with this game! How else could I with the devs having a track record with fun games!

Here's some gameplay

(1 edit) (-9)

um the game is trash i cant even play it congrats ya fooled you're self

edit:why does 7zip pop up when i try to even download it now i know im not very good with computers unlike others but i click download and it loads a file i get exsited bcz i want to play a game goddamnit and then i see this: try, save, copy, put in, and some other bulls**t and i click try bcz i thats the only option i have to actually play a GAME and then it says: FAILED no reason found. and i was just done I WANNA DIE.

Deleted 2 years ago

okay first off make sure your computer could support that game, macs dont work with it yet and if you have a computer without updated software that could be an issue too. and if your good with computers. you should go onto forums and see whats causing that file to be messad up. there are many people like me who help code softwares that use our forums to help others find the issue.


(1 edit)


this is cool, polishing, smoothing controls, getting rid of bugs and uncontrollable tools, performance this could be a really fun game where you take orders and sell, make ones for yourself and stuff


It seemed to be working fine until I started the game and it stopped recieving input from my mouse. Going back to the menu and using it worked fine, just the first person view doesn't work.

Pretty cool game honestly.

I really like this cool game. The limit that can be done at this game with woods is sky. But I can't make a birdhouse :P It's a prototype of the exact game. I'm looking forward the full game :)
Thanks to the creator of the game.

(2 edits)

Класна гра з великою кількістю можливостей для втілення власних ідей. Дає зрозуміти особливості повсякденної роботи тесляра. Механіка дещо специфічна, але призвичаїтися можна. 

A cool game with a wealth of opportunities to translate your ideas. It gives an understanding of the peculiarities of the daily work of a carpenter. The mechanics are somewhat specific, but you can get used to it.

its really nice but im not good at this kind of things although i love sandbox :)



I had fun. I like making things. A couple of things were wonky, I still had fun. The gluing aspect I think needs to be tweaked a bit. I think would be cool in VR if you guys have the time for that. Maybe some power tools or if no power tools, maybe a continuous cut(like you get the saw in place, you lmb to get the saw started and then physically move the mouse up and down to cut through the wood). Different attachments for the circle cutting thing. That was the hardest for me to use. It would flop sideways but still looked like it was cutting through straight down. It's very thin and I know that irl that thing has several sizes to choose from making that aspect a bit easier. As I say in the video it would be cool to decorate the area you are making all of this, with what you make(i.e. birdhouse outside in a garden, chairs and tables inside the house.) Other than that I can't wait to see the final version of this. <3 Zombi

p.s. I'm sorry for my horrible birdhouse.


This game is really fun I just spent like 2 hours makeing my first table <3
I would love to see some improvement on the glue stuff like it's pretty hard to navigate while in this "attachment mode".  As somebody said already more tools would be great maybe some kind of customers ordering custom stuff. 

Things to add - Power tools like table saws to make the game not as slow for no reason, reset camera button, redo button, and unlimited undos

Hello, I am trying to download the carpentry game prototype I would love to play it because I have been trying to download it for two days and it does not leave me I do not know why but when I get the .rar to download I try to go to the desk and it does not let me, It is more I try to open from Google and it eliminates me alone, help please take several hours and days trying this, thanks

Was really excited to try this in VR, and then realized that wasn't a tag...

So, the idea is cool, but there are much work to do. As an example, i tried to create a barett sniper rifle, and i can't finish it, because the saw is turning only in 2 axis. And different sizes for dril would be useful too. Good luck with the game, Irregular corp.

You gotta hold Shift to have precise manual control over the angle.

Thx a lot

Turned out way better than I thought it would, pretty satisfying to put the thing together.

It's me again, i did a minecraft grass block but i can't measure it so whatever,i think you can do so much in this game and i will keep it, very good work with the game


you know, i like games without THE GODDAMN WINZIP, i don't have it


....windows opens .zip files without the need of any additional software since windows xp.... it's literally the most simple thing ever.

In case you can't figure out I recommend getting 7-zip, it's free and works great.


winrar is also very simple and free ,yes the trial says it ends but you can just close the window that says that, you can use it infinite times :)

(1 edit) (-3)

No reason why not to use 7zip instead, it's actually free and open source, plus it's objectively better.

It takes care of anything winrar does and then some.


Well im too lazy to change it now but thank you


I mean... it takes literally around 3 minutes to download and install (it's a very small download), but ok :P

Winrar works anyway.


it works great -.-


Oof be quiet XxLuceroxX

Files confuse me and i was paranoid about accidently deleting one and having to spend another hour redownloading them or something xD

I was about to make another comment saying I hecked up but jeez

I downloaded it and got a zipped folder. So I went to unzip it and its a bunch of files and such,none say which is used to play the game, tried to unzip them and it wouldnt put them where i said to unzip

Deleted 1 year ago

iam new hi

This is so funny.

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